30 Years of History

This is an online reconstruction of the 30 years of history – Whitfords Sea Sports Club booklet created by Ian and Jill Younghusband. This online version has been copied from the original files, and is presented in its original form. I’d like to thank Ian and Jill for their many years of work within the club and for letting me reproduce this history of what was Whitfords Sea Sports Club and is now Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club.

The history has been broken down into a number of pages – the navigation to each page can be found at the bottom of each page. Most pictures can be viewed in full size when selected.

30 Years Logo


Aerial View of Whitfords Sea Sports Club


The information contained within was taken from club records and the recollections of many members who have contributed to the successful development of the club and it was compiled by Ian and Jill Younghusband.

The basis of this history was transposed from display boards produced in 2003 which were displayed at the club at the time of the clubs 30th birthday celebrations. Much of the information was compiled from information provided by the rear commodores of each section, the first 10 year history booklet and the 20 year history booklet.

The previous publications should also be studied for a more complete and detailed history.

Many of the achievements highlighted by trophies displayed within the clubhouse have not been included.

Thank you to all the club members that have provided information and their assistance in recording this history.


The first constitution of the club was written in 1974 and has been upgraded periodically

The original objectives are as follows and still form the basis of the club in 2003

  1. To foster and encourage sea sports with particular attention to sports involving family participation and to promote social intercourse between members and the provision of amenities for use by members.
  2. To engage in the promotion of safe practices on land and sea amongst club members and by example to further this objective within the community.
  3. To establish and maintain a headquarters, premises and sea sports club with all its amenities including safety facilities.
  4. To join in or affiliate with any other club or association having similar interests.
  5. To be a social sporting and non political and non profit making club.


The following is a summary of the major events that have occurred during the first 30 years of the club. Many other events and achievements have occurred and they can be read in the two previous publications, The First 10 Years and the 20 Years Publication.

Ocean Reef Shacks

Before 1972

Before 1972 the clubs roots extend further back than the formation of the club.

The beach shacks at Hillarys and Whitfords were settled by families some of which went on to become personalities within the club. The shacks were built around 1933 and the land on which they stood was sold in 1968 with the shacks being demolished in 1972. A list of the family names of shack holders is in the first 10 years edition.


A view looking north to the shacks on the north side of Pinnaroo Point.

Aerial pinaroo point


In 1972 the Whitfords area was opened for residential purposes and in 1972 concerned community members quickly became aware of the need for boating facilities, and there were fears that the beach between Sorrento Beach and Mullaloo Beach would become inaccessible to the public.


A view looking north with Pinnaroo Point top left and Sorrento Beach residential area  middle and bottom left as it all was before West Coast Drive was constructed.


In December 1973 the first club magazine was produced.

With oral support from the Wanneroo Shire Council and the Whitfords Progress Association a steering committee was formed and named the Whitfords Sea Sports Club on the 18th July 1973 after the Whitfords Bay on which it was founded.

The clubs first fishing competition was held to gauge the community interest at 7.00am on 29th July 1973 at Pinnaroo Point (now Mullaloo Point).

On the 9th August 1973 the first general meeting of the club was held at the Springfield School Kallaroo and attracted 90 people from which a steering committee was formed.

The first club cabaret was held on the 4th December 1973 at the Mullaloo Surf Club.

The first club surf cat sailing event was held in December 1973 and had 60-70 boats taking part.


Regular club events took part off the beach at Pinnaroo Point with power boating and fishing holding monthly events throughout the year, with sailing holding weekly events throughout the year.

Diving’s first event was in February 1974


The efforts by the Whitfords Sea Sports Club along with others prevented development on the west side of West Coast Drive in the area known as the Nodes.

The Whitfords Volunteer Sea Rescue Group was formed by the club in July 1975.


The construction of two short groynes at Ocean Reef for the Beenyup Sewage Treatment Plant outfall pipe signaled the start of pressure by the club to extend the wall for a marina, launching  facility and clubhouse at Ocean Reef.


On the 12th January 1977 the State Government advised that a boat launching facility would be built on Perth’s northern coastline.

The Wanneroo Shire approved concept plans for the Whitfords Sea Sports Club clubhouse in July 1977.


In March 1978 the Ocean Reef Boat Launching Facility environment review programme was advertised.

On the 25th November 1978 at 11.30 am the State Government signed the go ahead for the Ocean Reef Boat Harbour.

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