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The Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club Angling Section consists of both boat fishing and beach fishing sections and runs monthly competitions in both.  Fishing competitions are for both the serious and casual members and are a great way to improve and have fun.  The section is very social and especially promotes getting the kids out there and enjoying fishing with Mum and Dad.  All fishing competitions are very well attended and new members are always welcome.

Boat Fishing Competitions

Generally conducted on the first Saturday of each month, with a carry over to the Sunday if the weather is inclement or there are insufficient competitors.  The March, June and December competitions are exceptions.  If not held on the Saturday or carry-over Sunday, the competition for that month is cancelled.  ORSSC Boat Fishing competitions are species based and have Mens, Ladies, Veterans, Juniors and Mini-Juniors categories.  The section has a traditional trip to Jurien Bay for the March competition on the Labour Day long weekend.  Beach fishing is permitted in boat competitions for those without boats.

Beach Fishing Competitions

12 competitions are held throughout the year, normally on the third weekend of each month.  Events are generally “go anywhere” with a weigh-in at the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club, although one event per year will be held at a designated away location.  ORSSC Beach Fishing competitions are species based and have Mens, Ladies, Juniors and Mini-Juniors categories.

Angling Section Meetings

Section meetings are held at the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club premises at 8pm on the first Wednesday of each month.  These are open to all members of the club, with the purpose being to review past events, discuss upcoming events and to generally run the section.

Angling Section Meals Nights

Regular social meals night for the Angling Section, held on the fourth Friday of each month at the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club.  The Angling Section generally runs a raffle on this night to raise funds for the section.

To stay up to date you can follow the Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club Angling section on Facebook here

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