Beach Comp – Nov 2017

Beach Fishing Report  

Competition 2                                                                                                                                                          

18th– 19th November 2017                                                                                                                                            

Fish of the month – Herring

Finally the weather played ball this comp! The wind was down, the sea weed was manageable and just a little swell rolled in through the day. Having been given some secret intel about a decent amount of soapy mulloway hanging around I was very excited to see some good bags weighed in.

It was me once again to take the men’s win with a fairly decent bag of 7 species, 4 heaviest and a little over 8kg of bag weight. Shout out to Perth Fishing Safaris for showing us where the tailor and mulloway were lurking.

In the Ladies section Sue Freeman was our victor with a respectable bag of 5 species, 3 heaviest and 1.57kg of weight. Looks like Sue is setting up to give Bronwyn (last season champion) a run for her money this year.

Unfortunately we had no juniors weigh in, but in the mini-juniors it was Maddie Gaston to take the win with a great bag of 2 species and 2 heaviest. Following in her mother’s footsteps hopefully she can keep it up and take out the season champion this year.

The November fish of the month was Herring, Chris Gaston proved he is the king of the award taking it home once again with and awesome catch of 360 grams. I have no idea how he manages to find the good ones every time but well done to him.

There isn’t much else to say about the weekend but well done and thankyou to everyone who maged to weigh in a bag and hopefully we see you all again at next one.

Tyla Gillespie                                                                                                                                                       

 Beach Fishing Captain


Mens Angler Species Bag Weight Heaviest Points
1st Tyla Gillespie 7 8.05kg 4 127
2nd Mitchell Bell 5 4.31kg 1 74
3rd Chris Gaston 5 1.95kg 1 64
1st Sue Freeman 5 1.57kg 3 75
2nd Bronwyn Gaston 3 1.30kg 3 54
Mini Juniors                
1st Maddie Gaston 2 0.29kg 2 34


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