Beach Comp Report – October 2017

Beach Fishing Report                                                                                                                                      October 2017

Once again it was time to start a new season! The weather was fairly average but certainly good enough for fishing, however the sea weed moved in and made most beaches along the north coast line practically unfishable. But still we managed to get 12 anglers weigh in and some decent bags to hold a good competition.

After having such a successful comp to finish last year’s season I was able to just steal the men’s win once again, only by a few points this time thanks to a few heaviest species. Somehow I manage to pull 7 species, 4 heaviest and 3.952kg out of all that sea weed.

Into the ladies section Tricia Green took then win after weighing in for the first time. Tricia had a mighty bag of 1 species, 1 heaviest and 0.353kg of weight, what an easy way to win 50 bucks I say!

Luca Gugliotta fished for the first time ever in the juniors section after dominating the mini-juniors in the past couple seasons. Luca comfortably won the section with a bag of 1 species, 1 heaviest. I reckon Luca is looking real forward to taking on some of the older kids in future comps.

Mulloway was the fish of the month as decided at the angling meeting a few days before the comp. It was Kiwi who once again took out the prize who managed to find a mully of 4.32kg, I have no idea how he managed to get one amongst all that weed but well done to him. However tailor seemed to be the trophy fish of the comp with almost every bag having one around the 2kg mark. It was Luke Davis who stood above everyone else though managing to bag a beautiful tailor just over 3kg! cracking fish Luke! Hopefully we will see you and your old boy getting back into it this season.

Tyla Gillespie                                                                                                                                                   

Beach Fishing Captain


Mens   No. of Species Bag Weight Heaviest Points
1st Tyla Gillespie 7 3.952kg 4 110
2nd Chris Gaston 5 6.887kg 2 90
3rd Mark Davis 5 5.933kg 1 80
1st Tricia Green 1 0.353kg 1 18
1st Luca Gugliotta 1 0.073kg 1 17


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