Boat Comp Report – August 2017

August 2017

The August boat fishing competition was held on Saturday 5th August 2017. Although the winds were favourable, there was a pretty big swell running which is reasonably common this time of the year. Of course, there is no problem with this as long as you are careful negotiating the run through the 3 mile, and make sure your anchor holds when fishing close to the inshore reefs. No problems for our guys and on this day we had 23 sign on in 10 boats, with 17 eventually weighing in.

The weigh in saw most of our common species, although the swell made it difficult to get Garfish. As in the previous competition, some Southern Garfish were caught, but according to Fisheries apparently stocks of these are at risk and there is a ban on taking them at present. The other common catch was Tarwhine, which seem to be more plentiful at the moment….or perhaps we are just fishing better for them.

It was good to see there were still a few Tuna around, with Josh Aravidis and Connor Dique getting a few around the 3kg mark. King George Whiting were also plentiful and of good size, with many competitors getting one for their bag. There were only a few Dhufish caught, with Francis McKeown’s 9.370kg version being the biggest. Similarly, very few of the other category 1 demersals were caught, with only a couple of Pink Snapper and a single Baldchin and Breaksea Cod weighed in. Joe Wettinger got his crew onto good Snook, which we haven’t seen for a while. Again, no Tailor, which seem to have gone into hiding lately.

Results wise, although they had the same number of species, Graham Weymouth managed to edge out Peter Osborne in the Veterans Division with an extra heaviest and a little bit more weight. Alyce Wettinger won the Ladies unopposed with a fantastic bag of 7 species. In the Men’s section, it was a trifecta from Reel Crazy, with myself winning, Francis McKeown runner-up and Mitchell Bell third. Mitchell had the most species (8), and Francis the heaviest bag, but it’s a combination of species, heaviest of species and bag weight that is needed these days. Again, no Juniors or Mini Juniors for this month which is very disappointing. We really are struggling to get these competing at the moment. Full results are hereabouts.

See you all at the next competition. Tight lines.

Terry Bell
Boat Fishing Captain (Mobile 0412 848 814)



MENS Angler Species Heaviest Weight Points
1st Terry Bell 7 3 13.326kg 141.3
2nd Francis McKeown 6 2 14.023kg 128.1
3rd Mitchell Bell 8 2 8.000kg 124.0
1st Alyce Wettinger 7 7 7.034kg 140.1
1st Graham Weymouth 4 2 3.268kg 65.1
2nd Peter Osborne 4 1 1.097kg 50.4
3rd Eric Leigh 3 2 0.744kg 45.0




Winner Prize Donor
Heaviest Baldchin 1.790kg Mitchell Bell Terry Bell
Heaviest Breaksea Cod 0.816kg Phil Pollard Joe Wettinger
Heaviest Dhufish 9.370kg Francis McKeown Gillespie Earthmoving
Heaviest Emperor None caught Rolly & Rose Buegge
Heaviest Flathead 0.264kg Phil Pollard Eric Leigh
Heaviest Foxfish 0.505kg Terry Bell Francis McKeown
Heaviest Garfish None caught Terry Bell
Heaviest Harlequin None caught Francis McKeown
Heaviest Herring 0.203kg Eric Leigh Graeme Cole
Heaviest KG Whiting 0.972kg Tony O’Sullivan Rolly & Rose Buegge
Heaviest Leatherjacket 0.333kg Glen Weymouth Kevin & Lynn Malone
Heaviest Mackerel 0.398kg Connor Dique Joe Gauci
Heaviest Mulloway None caught Kevin & Lynn Malone
Heaviest Pink Snapper 3.470kg Francis McKeown Shore Catch Pty Ltd
Heaviest Queen Snapper None caught Graeme Cole
Heaviest Samsonfish 9.940kg Terry Bell Corrie Coetzee
Heaviest Shark None caught Carmen and Shane Irwin
Heaviest Skipjack 0.742kg Alyce Wettinger Drew Elliman
Heaviest Tailor None caught Tyla Gillespie
Heaviest Whiting 0.353kg Ryan McFarlane Gary Bell
Interboat 15 Species Terry Bell Joe Wettinger
Participation Draw Francis McKeown Angling Section






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