Busselton Dive Australia Day Trip (not 25th) 26th-28th January 2018

Following the dive sections meeting on Wednesday 24th January, it was a mad scramble to find accommodation for Thursday 25th January, because some members of the section thought the dive trip started on the 25th January. Daz thought this was hilarious and was his usual compassionate self, stating, “I would have loved it if you would have turned in at the units a day early….haha!”  Luckily, these members found somewhere to stay and the weekend was saved.

It was a relatively small group in attendance for a dive trip, 13 adults and 4 kids, with 4 members starting the weekend with a dive on Friday morning. Ketut, once again led the group on the 1.8 kilometre walk out to the end of the Jetty.  However, it was not all plain sailing for the hardworking Ketut on this morning, he answered his phone only a few hundred metres along the jetty, leaving one member to drag her own very HEAVY dive gear long the jetty herself………big mistake Ketut. (let’s just say, that phone call almost cost him his job and his visa).

Apart from the Ketut fiasco, the walk along the jetty was a very pleasant experience, no wind and the ocean was the most calm and welcoming I’ve ever seen. Jostling, for position on jetty platform at the dive entry point we all geared up relatively quickly, including “Captain Slow”, who was eager to stay on Graham’s good side, after the last jetty dive.

Before we entered the beautifully clear water, Graham, the club dive guru, gave us the usual safety brief, then producing his dive knife from his BCD he turned to “Captain Slow” and said “if you take over Sindy or Iain on this dive, I will have to stab you!!!” We all knew he was joking of course, but looking around the busy dive platform at the other divers and onlookers, there was some people who looked shocked and some I suspect, who thought this training method had come straight out of the PADI manual.

The visibility when we got down there was at least 12-14 metres, again, the best I’ve ever seen.  The old jetty pylons looked even more amazing than our last trip, so clear and sharp, with all the colourful coral and an abundance of fish feeding from them. Over 300 species of marine life have been identified here making this dive site a fantastic experience for all divers, from novices like me to gurus like Graham, who thankfully, had only unsheathed his knife and waved it at me once during this dive.  After, 43 minutes and still with some air left “Captain Slow” climbed out of the ocean having completed his longest dive yet……yahoo!!!

As, it was Aussie Day the group spent the rest of the day on the beach, having one or two beers, with Rae having one or two bottles of bubbles, well it was Aussie Day.  Back at the units we had some singing and dancing and a little more drinking.

On Saturday morning Daz, Carrie, Bee and Mike joined the group for another wonderful dive. It was a little bit choppier and the visibility was not as good as the previous day. However, the marine life was still fantastic, even though Captain Slow almost zapped an octopus with his shark shield much to Graham’s distain.

The rest of Saturday was mainly spent on the beach, swimming and playing games with newest members of the ORSSC dive family Ella and Josh, who were exceptionally well behaved all weekend. For the finale of the weekend the group gathered on the beach and waited for some late night fireworks on the beach, which everyone agreed was worth the wait.

Another, great dive weekend was had by all. Thanks again to everyone for making it such a great trip, with great memories.

Let’s do it again soon guys.

Mick Jackson Pierce

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