Club Volunteers

Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club has a long history and owes its existence to an ongoing number of volunteers.

Although we have paid staff, the club is managed and run by a volunteer committee consisting of:-

  • Commodore
  • Vice Commodore x2
  • Rear Commodores of sections x 5
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

This committee provides direction and oversight to the paid members of staff to ensure the club runs in the best possible way and provides value for its key assets, the members.

In the clubs earlier history, volunteers staffed the galley and bar, carried out stock taking, gardening and reticulation, building work, car park and fencing, painting, junior boat maintenance, playground equipment repairs and installation, general clubhouse chores and specialist professional tasks by skilled people such as Architectural planning, harrasing local government for planning approvals, grants, funding and assistance to name a few!

Today we have a higher number of paid staff, and a lower number of volunteers compared to the past, however the volunteers are essential for the running of the club and we are grateful for everything that they do for the club. Without all previous, current and future volunteers the club would cease to exist.

If you are interested in taking part by volunteering at ORSSC or feel you can offer your services / skills to the club as a volunteer we would love to hear from you. Contact one of the committee who’s details can be found here

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