June Power Boat Report

Hi everyone

We held two events since the last Tide Report.

On 14 April an ocean run from Ocean Reef Harbour to Mindarie was held for an overnight stay in pens and to enjoy the Toast the Coast festival. Due to the short distance, there was a bit of a free for all to attend and in the end we had four boats head up and two boats already in pens.

Heading up were the Rear Commodore and son (mum drove up later), Graham and Rae Hindley, Graham and Janette Sheen, and Steve Hayward and Tina Sherrie. Already in pens were Phil and Jan Gallagher and Ron and Dora Lindsay. Driving up later and without boats (but we still love them) were Steve, Rachael and Sam Oliver and later came Sindy and Craig Dowden.

The boats had an interesting ride up as the swell was up but the seas low due to the north easterly. What made it interesting were the large sets building up just before Mindarie and trying to work out if they are going to break or not. The only smart ones were Graham and Jan who went outside the reef.

The event was terrific with food and wine pop up stalls everywhere. However, the crew were drawn to The Boat Tavern (like proverbial blowflies) to watch and enjoy Slim Jim and Phatts band. Eventually food was eaten in the pub and we retired back to Kiewa so that Ron could throw drinks over everyone. It’s a long story but what happens on boat events stays on boat events. We retired back to our boats for a quiet sleep in the pens.

On 20 May we held a weekend at Rottnest staying in Geordie Bay. Steve Oliver took the 40 foot boat over with Sam and Iain Worrall and Graham and Rae Hindley in tow. Ron and Dora were already over in Narrow Neck on Kiewa. My family was sick with the cold so I came over on my lonesome with new starters Paul and Shannon Archer joining us in their rib. Paul and Shannon also had Paul’s mother with them and they all cleverly booked a unit at Geordie.

Well what can you say about Rotto? We got into the Rotto lifestyle and really did very little at all except eat and drink. The weather was still warm, the water a beautiful temperature, the winds could have been from another direction other than North, but we sat on the 40 foot boat watching the world go by.

By the time you read this, the Power Boat Section would have had its End of Season Event at the club. If you weren’t there, you missed it.

Future events include:

  • 23 June 2018 – a river run to Shelley Beach for a BBQ
  • 15 to 16 December 2018 – proposed date for Mandurah Christmas Lights weekend at Quest Apartments
  • 1 to 3 February 2019 – a two night stay at Alfred Hines Seaside Accommodation
  • 22 March 2019 – Rottnest weekend at Geordie BayDon’t forget, if you would like to be included in upcoming events, email orsscpb@gmail.com and get yourself on the email list.Safe boating and hope to see you on the water.

Peter Hawker

Rear Commodore Power Boat Section.


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