October 2015 Beach Fishing Report

With a reasonably average forecast at the beginning of the week, it was fair to say a lot of members were not exactly relishing the thought of hitting the beach for our competition on the 17th/18th October.  Fortunately, as the week drew to an end the forecast looked much better and the weekend was actually not too bad weather wise.  That being said, the weed situation at most spots that people fished was far from favourable, with everyone really struggling to fish at times.  There were mixed reports amongst competitors, some having a great weekend fishing wise, whilst others are resigned to the fact that this may be one of their dropped competitions for the year.

We had members spread from Augusta in the south to Port Gregory in the north, with around 20 fishing and eventually 16 weighing in, which is great to see and we hope the trend continues.  From all reports, it seemed as though more than a fair few beverages were consumed along with the fishing with the best story coming from Chris Hoult, who managed to leave a bucket with his nights catch on the beach, which he only realised once he was too far away to return.

A few of the stand out fish included a new club record Banded Sweep of 1.587kg caught by Richard Platt, Clive Powell again showing he in the Yellow-finned Whiting master with a fish of 0.385kg and  Peter Osborne landing a rare Flounder, which he only realised once he de-weeded his line.  Mick Lock managed a just size Breaksea Cod, but of course it was inside the demersal closure period, so had to be released….bad luck Mick!!!

Results wise, Tyla Gillespie has continued his good form from the end of last season, by narrowly defeating fishing partner Mitchell Bell (pity about that Rock Mullet eh Mitch!!).  Mitchell had more species and weight, but Tyla had more heaviest, which enabled him to get over the line by less than 1 point.  We also had our first Mini Junior for a while, with young Luca Gugliotta fishing with his father Rob and weighing in a couple of nice fish.  We hope to Luca and other Juniors getting out there and giving it a go for the rest of the season.

As you may be aware, we are discontinuing with the Mid-Month competition, but we are now having a Beach Fishing competition every month.  Also note that we start at 5am in the summer months and the weigh-in time is now 4pm for all competitions.  Please see the section booklet for more details, and get on the SMS list so you are texted upcoming events.

Was a great start to the season and I very much hope that we continue this trend of good numbers of competitors and good fish caught.

One last note, the AAA State Estuary Championships are being held on the 28th/29th November and we will be fielding a strong team.  Anyone wishing to enter please contact myself, or come to the next Angling Section meeting on the 4th November where we will be discussing tactics.

Happy Fishing

Daniel Bell

Beach Fishing Captain

October 2015 Beach Fishing Results

Category Name No of Species Bag Weight Heaviest Points
1st Tyla Gillespie 8 2.852kg 5 121.4
2nd Mitchell Bell 9 3.219kg 3 120.9
3rd Daniel Bell 6 2.789kg 1 77.2
 1st  –  –  –
 1st  –  –  –
Mini Juniors
 1st Luca Gugliotta 2 0.831kg 2 35.7


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