ORSSC vs HYC Inaugural Dive Olympics 2016

October 8th 2016 saw Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club and Hillarys Yacht club head to Challenge Stadium to start a new annual interclub event – Dive Olympics! A fun event designed to make divers ‘practice’ their dive skills – essential when something goes wrong.

Originally meant to be HYC, ORSSC and MAAC – it ended up just being HYC and ORSSC as MAAC couldn’t persuade its divers to make fools of themselves underwater! Safety Divers and Nurses were on hand should anything go wrong or people laughed too hard and strained themselves!

The format of the day and all organisation was carried out very effectively by Hillarys Dive section – thank you. The event was held in the challenge stadium Diving pool and consisted of the following:-

  • Each of 5 Divers are given a bag of 3 items of ‘clothing’ – Shorts or knickers of various sizes – a t-shirt and a Bra (again of various sizes, colours and laceyness)
  • 5 Divers (randomly selected via lolly sticks) enter the water and surface travel over to 5 buoys with the catch bag
  • On the start signal all divers descend to the bottom and put their items of clothing on – Bra to go over the T-Shirt
  • All divers had to remove their BCD to put their T-shirt and Bra on
  • All divers must remove their reg’s to put the t-shirt on
  • All divers must remove their masks
  • all weight belts have to be outside the t-shirt – ie removed and re-attached.
  • All dive gear must be back on properly prior to surfacing
  • All divers are checked on exiting the water for proper arrangement of attire and proper attachment of dive gear / equipment
  • All divers had a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the task

Both teams had a great turn out of divers and support – I think ORSSC definitely won in the shore support stakes – Sadly we were outclassed completely by HYC this time and they beat us by taking the first 3 positions – Gold Luke Laycock, Silver Paul Laycock and Bronze Shaun Perkins. Some of their team put in some amazing times (3 odd minutes to surface!) but ORSSC still did a great job and provided some good entertainment.

Next year ORSSC will host the event and set the format – hopefully we can attract a few more clubs from WA or other states!

Myself and June Sullivan were underwater taking photo’s and video to remember the moments by. More video and photo’s were taken on the day by others – so if you have any pictures / video to contribute – please can you email Steve – administrator@orssc.asn.au

Gallery of pictures from the day – Taken By Steve & Rachael Oliver / June Sullivan (for now)

Of Course its wouldn’t be right to have no video to capture the fun – so here we go some very amateur video! – Rounds 1-4 (video by Steve Oliver)

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