Power Boats Report January 2016 – Australia Day in the City

26/01/2016 –

Once again the Power Boating Section had a trip to see the Skyshow from the Swan River. With the day after being a work day, as well as the function at the Club, the four boats attending this year was down on prior years numbers.

The four families (Steve & Rach, Graeme & Lorraine, Brian & Ava with Darius, Katelyn & Chloe and Pete, Ros & Ryan) met at the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club at lunch time. Three of us made a direct trip, while the fourth, our trip leader, took a scenic tour after missing their freeway exit. (It pays to check what time the freeway exits are being closed Rach.) Once we’d all gathered together inside the club’s grounds, we popped upstairs to the bar for quenching refreshment & to admire the view before launching the boats.

We timed our launch to co-incide with the arrival of the sea breeze, so it was initially a little bit bumpy on the water. We enjoyed a good trip up the river (quite comfortable with the breeze behind us) & were able to have a little look at the soon to be opened Elizabeth Quay (or Betty’s Jetty as I’ve heard it referred to) from the water as we passed by. Our trip leader found us a place to moor together at the eastern end of the exclusion zone. We had to abandon our original plans to all rafting up together as it was too rough. We ended up having three boats rafted together & one behind.

It was then time to relax & pass the time until the fireworks were due to start. Peter was the first one in the water, off to retrieve one of Graeme’s escaped fenders. The water was pleasantly warm, so a few of us ended up having a swim / play in the water. For our boat, it was how we were able to make it over to the rafted up boats.

During the afternoon, we all discovered a few things we didn’t have with us that would’ve made the trip more comfortable. On our boat it was the water toys & decorations, on Steve & Rach’s boat, it would’ve been a frying pan to cook Steve’s sausages in (although a kettle can perform this task perfectly well, I’m not so sure I’d been wanting a cuppa afterwards!).

We had plenty of entertainment, from that organised by the Skyshow organisers, as well as the other’s that came to watch. We had a large party boat moored nearby, so their guests provided plenty of entertainment, on the party boat & their water toys. There was also a bit of a Water Police chase (to catch up to a boat about to enter the exclusion zone after it was closed to the public). The official entertainment included some spectacular air show manoeuvres by the various aircraft, and the sail past by the restored old wooden boat, which included Kiewa, Ron & Dora’s lovingly restored boat. Of course there were the fireworks too, which were spectacular.

After the show the Hawkers & Macauley’s raced off to Claisebrook Cove to secure a berth for the night. The Hindley’s & Olivers took their time and were still able to secure a berth. After enjoying each others company for a nightcap, we retired to our own boats for the night. It was a little rough in the earlier part of the night, due to the wash from passing boats in the river, but otherwise comfortable.

Wednesday morning saw us take advantage of the nearby coffee shops (no sausage flavoured cuppas for the Olivers!) & send Rach off to work. After a leisurely morning, we returned to PFSYC to retrieve our boats & head home. Definitely a trip to be repeated. Special Thanks to the PFSYC for the use of their facilities.

A big thank you to Ros Hawker for providing us with her well written Australia Day report.

Safe boating and hope to see you on the water.

John Abeliotis

RC Power Boat Section

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