Power Boats Report January 2016 – Rottnest Island

9/01/2016 –

Our January planned trip was an overnight stay in Rottnest Island. We had 5 boats take the trip over and we beach moored in Bathurst Bay with boat on a mooring in the bay. The weather was fantastic for the trip over and the ocean was kind which allowed us to maintain 20 -22 knots for the crossing. Once we had all secured the boats Christine and I decided to go off for a leisurely bike ride around to Little Salmon Bay. Well the temperature was higher than forecast and the humidity was high so a nice bike ride turned into a survival trip with every bay visited on the way we stopped for a swim. Well it’s the bus next time and bikes are for short trips.

Can you tell its a 4 seater?

Can you tell its a 4 seater?

We arrived back at the boats and the rest of the guys had their water toys pumped up and ready to go. Dionne and Steve brought along large inflatable donut with seats for four people. Well after a few drinks we decided to see how many did fit in. After legs and arms were pointing in many different directions we eventually had 9 people on board. We got to know each other a little better after that. There should be a warning not for use for kids over the age of 40! We also had a very large inflatable golden swan courtesy of Loraine and Graham floating around with several riders enjoying a wine or three.

After all that hard work we had a BBQ dinner on the foreshore. Unfortunately all the BBQ’s were not working. Not very good especially because of the fees we pay to access the island and use their facilities. Lucky enough I bought along my Webber Baby Q which did the job. After dinner we headed to the Governors Sport Bar to listen to a live band and again enjoy another drink.

All in or it was a great weekend again on Rottnest and looking forward to our next visit to the island. Maybe they have the BBQ’s working by then?

Safe boating and hope to see you on the water.

John Abeliotis

RC Power Boat Section

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