Sailing – Presentation 2018

The Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club Sailing section Presentation night was held on the 19th May 2018.

Master of Ceremonies was the Sailing Section Rear Commodore Ken Wood who is to be congratulated with the crew of volunteers that organised the night to make it another success

There were only two race cancellation for the previous season and unfortunately one of those races was the annual long race to Centaur Mark

Club Champion
Leda      Frank Centa

Ladies Skippers Race

1              Overlord              Jodi James

2              Louisa                   Rachel Kelly

Winter Series 2017

1              Leda                      Frank Centa

2              Hot Gossip          Ian Campbell

3              Whim a way       Mick Caulfield

Summer Series 2017-18

1              Feelin Free         Alan Peacham

2              Whim a way       Mick Caulfield

3              Hot Gossip          Ian Campbell


1              Panache            Geoff James

2              Whim a way       Mick Caulfield

3              Stump Jumper  Scott Forest

Crew Person of the Year

Scott Forrest

Sail Person of the Year

Paul Phipps

Wreckers Trophy

Ian James

Most Improved Sailor

Ian James


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