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Sailing at Perth metropolitan region of Ocean Reef has been going on for more than 40 years. We have had many wonderful characters take part in racing and cruising throughout that time and some of them are still here. Many can remember when they first stepped onto a yacht for the first time and they have been encouraging new members ever since.

We have a strong core of regular sailors and some who take part on an occasional basis, all are welcome and add to the fun of being on the water.

The Ocean Reef Sea Sports Club sailing fleet consist of several Trailer Sailor and small Keel yachts from 5.5 – 9M. The type of boats range from 740 Farr, Etchell, Sonata, Farrier, Gem 550 , Timpenny, Red Witch and Space Sailors of various sizes, most are trailered but a few are kept in pens and come out for the weekly races at Ocean Reef or at Hillarys when we have the North Coast Regatta.

It’s always good when we have regular crew who give up their time to keep the sport alive but it’s equally fun to meet new people and take them out on the yachts. I have met some very interesting people over the years I have been sailing and many of them have become really good friends and that is what I find so good about sailing. You don’t have to be rich to go sailing you just have to turn up and have a sense of adventure to make all the difference.

We have a very full sailing calendar with over 35 sailing dates in the year and this does not include the holiday cruises that we try to fit in so one could be out on the water nearly every week in some event. As a sea sports club it’s great to see such a large number of events that members can chose to take part in.

We would encourage all members to take advantage of these opportunities to be out on the water and having fun

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