The Great Escape

13 members of the Dive Section had a recent get together on Sunday morning 17th September at the Times Up Escape Rooms in Wanneroo, organised by Caroline.

We didn’t really know what to expect, as only one of us, that being Mary, had ever been to one before. A few of us couldn’t even find the address where the Escape Rooms were, so we were in for a great experience!!

Upon arrival we were put into two teams. Team 1 had our illustrious RC Graham & Lorraine, Craig & Sindy, Steve & Tina and Bee. Team 2 had Phil & Jan, Mary, Sue, Caroline & Sheila.

We were then briefed on the object of the games, that being:

  • Seek it – look for the clues and share them with your team mates
  • Find It – things are not always as they seem and first appearances are deceiving
  • Solve it- puzzles are geared to make you think differently, so think outside the box
  • Test your ideas.

Team 1 were ushered into the Wanted Room and locked into a prison cell, while handcuffed. They were a gang of outlaws on the run and were caught stealing booze from the local saloon and thrown into a holding cell awaiting their hanging. If they didn’t escape in the next hour, they would be hung in the town centre! What the sherrif didn’t know, was one of his guards was on our payroll and left us clues to escape.

Team 2 meanwhile were led to an apartment, also known as the Pursuit Room.  Upon arrival at the address we found the door slightly ajar. Knowing he may have a hostage, and eager to catch the killer off-guard, we foolishly enter the premises without backup and the door slams behind us and we are trapped!

For the next hour we had fun trying to find all the clues and then putting the pieces together to solve the puzzles. It is a good team building exercise with everyone working together.

We were told that some of the props in the room were fixed and could not be moved, but that didn’t stop us and we tried to move quite a few unsuccessfully. In the Pursuit room one of the skulls was accidently dropped and broken, which we carefully replaced back on its shelf.  While we were in a little side room (which was decked out like a slaughter room with blood spattered everywhere), someone had sneakily entered the room and fixed it without us knowing. When we got stuck and couldn’t work out a clue, a booming voice would come over the speaker and try to help guide us in the right direction. This was quite helpful to our Team and I am sure the other team as well, even though they reckon they didn’t need any help??

All in all it was a fun couple of hours to spend on a Sunday, and then some of us followed it up with lunch at the Ironbark pub in Wanneroo afterwards. Thanks again to Caroline for organising it all, as am sure everyone enjoyed themselves.


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